A warning!

On the beaches, flags are set, where you can swim, and where you can not.

This post flag is a warning.

I sell apartments myself for future rental income.

But at the same time, I ask you to consider the following facts, when buying real estate, as an investment.

Do not buy real estate on the last money (real estate investments should not exceed 30% of your savings, remember this is important for your comfortable future. If you do not have such money, it is better to invest in other financial instruments.

Since every investor should immediately think when investing how he can return his investments.

A sale of an apartment may be delayed for quite a long time.

And it may even freeze if you are sold illiquid at a cheap price with wild discounts (namely, it is sold with super discounts).

It happens that people come on holiday to Thailand, they are relaxed, have a rest, all the internal locks are removed.

What do dishonest realtors do and how not to get into their networks?
And here they are taken realtors, who promise the "golden mountains".

Guaranteed percentage of the lease (in fact, this is a hidden discount developer, which he proposes to extend the payment for 3-5 years, depending on the developer).

1. The first thing to do is critically refer to the "guaranteed" percentage of the lease. Stress hard when promised above 7-8%, strain when offered for a long time, for example 10 years.

It is not economically beneficial to the developer, fact.
From here, it's just a marketing ploy to lure you online so that you make a non-refundable deposit for an apartment, pay a down payment.

2️. Second, check how the homes of this developer are managed in the projects already commissioned.

Since this is the tropics, and if there is no good manager, then the houses quickly become unusable.

This is the technical side of management, and as far as marketing is concerned, to what extent are these apartments filled with tenants?

Take a walk along these houses in the evening and see if the lights are on.

Otherwise, your apartment will then stand idle if marketing is at zero level.

And the most important location.

Apartments should be in a convenient place for future tenants. It is obligatory within walking distance from the sea, so that there is a developed infrastructure nearby (cafes, shops, public transport, yes it is even in Phuket).

And more, I want to warn you that in some cities in Thailand there is a "bubble" in the real estate market, I would not recommend purchasing apartments in these cities at all.

If you plan to spend your retirement by the sea, I will help you find an apartment. This apartment will be inherited by your children and grandchildren. Write me +66803711776 (Viber / WhatsApp / Line), WeChat ID: AsiaGoldP.
«Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth.»
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