Earn for a future pension,
through renting an apartment in Phuket, Thailand!

Thailand for pensioners is a low cost of living, a simple procedure for obtaining a visa, a high quality of life and affordable health care.

Buy an apartment in Thailand, to generate rental income. This is a plan for saving for a future pension.

The income from renting an apartment is from 6% per annum. The apartment is also growing in price.

If you are 50 years old, you can be a pensioner in Thailand. Thailand issues a pension visa.

Write, call us, we will offer you reliable apartment options for obtaining rental income. Viber,WhatsApp +66803711776, WeChatID: AsiaGoldP e-mail: asiagoldp@gmail.comket, where is it? Here's an unexpected question that is asked me when I'm talking about real estate in Phuket. If you do not know where it is, put a like.

It is an island in Thailand. Thailand is a kingdom in Southeast Asia.

Buy property in Thailand in full ownership. Now it's possible!
The best cities for buying property in Thailand can be considered Phuket and Bangkok.

Why Bangkok, this is understandable. It is the capital of Thailand. Companies from different countries have offices here. Therefore, real estate here is in demand and is growing in price.

Why Phuket?
Phuket is an island in the south of Thailand. It attracts more and more tourists from different countries every year. Clear, turquoise sea, the whole western part of Phuket is white sandy beaches. In Phuket there is a great choice for outdoor activities.

Excursions on elephants, diving, visiting the islands nearby, surfing, sailing, golf and much more. Delicious Thai cuisine, safety and low prices for rest. All this is like a magnet for tourists to Phuket.

Renting an apartment near the sea in Phuket brings income all year round.

The average income from renting apartments is from 6 to 10%.

What do you think about this income?

Do you want to receive such income?

If so, write to me and pick up for you the best options for apartments in Phuket.
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