Retirement planning. Do you do this?

The population of the earth is aging.

New retirees are baby boomers generation. They live longer than their parents.

Governments are under tremendous financial pressure. For this reason, the governments of all countries follow the path of increasing the retirement age.

People need to work at an older age, but they find it difficult to find a suitable job.

The older we get, the more we think about how we will live in old age.

Will we have money to live in the "golden years"?

Can we hope for our retirement savings or will we have to work until the very end of our lives?

If we have pension savings. Will be enough for a comfortable life in their "golden years"?

If we don't want to become a burden for our children and grandchildren, we need to think about how to save more money for retirement.

If there is no time left for saving money, you need to look for an opportunity for a more economical retirement.

All these questions are related to retirement planning.

Do you do retirement planning?
What steps are you taking to ensure that your retirement is a step towards a new happy phase in life?

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