Halloween or poor retirement. What is horribly?

Halloween. Scary, terrible?
For me it's scary to be in old age without money.

Did you think how you will live in old age? Then when your body wants to rest in his declining years?

For me the most important thing is that my husband and I could be independent in finance from children and grandchildren.

love my child very much and I don't want her to tear off a part of her family budget for me and my husband.

My daughter deserves that she and her husband plan their expenses for fulfilling their desires, for creating their own financial assets, because she will face the same question as to what money she will live in old age.

Why do I say this, but because the time is coming when the majority of people in all countries should be ready to live without a state pension.

Governments of all countries reduce the size of social benefits and pensions. My parents, my grandmother, they received a pension. Their life was painted strictly according to the plan, scenario:

Now the time comes when this plan broke down, it stopped working.
People need to be prepared to take responsibility for their own lives.

Yes, states will pay modest benefits and very low pensions, but you don't want to spend your golden years in deep poverty. Right? I definitely do not want.

Unfortunately, most of us were not farsighted, did not plan our retirement in a new format. They only have savings in pension funds where money was transferred in the old format.

Each country has its own system of pension contributions. But:
humanity is aging, older people are becoming more than able-bodied youth.
people in old age live longer than states plan (many states have set the standard life expectancy in old age is 20 years).
For these reasons, states cannot pay a pension in the amount necessary for a comfortable life. Pensions are getting smaller.

To count only on retirement, it is not safe. This is a terrible mistake. It's worse than Halloween.
What to do?
Tell us how you plan your retirement?

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