Retirement in fun

Life in retirement.

This is fun, as my new friends from Australia say to me.
Thailand, Phuket is the place where retirees can afford to enjoy life.

What can you do here?

A relaxing beach holiday, massages, SPA salons, yoga, golf, diving and snorkeling, yachting, visiting sports competitions at the stadiums of Thai boxing, a museum and art galleries, exploring historical and natural attractions. Zoos, botanical gardens.

The choice is huge, from free to luxury offers. But all this requires money. Perhaps you think that it is expensive and not available for most retirees? You are mistaken????

Pensioners life in Phuket is not expensive. The budget for this couple is USD1800.
This includes medical insurance, utility costs (electricity, water, communications, Internet), food, entertainment, transportation.

They bought an apartment in the middle of the island, in a condominium in full ownership (Freehold) for USD 70,000.
Yes, this is not a beach, but it's quiet.

Prices in shops and cafes are two times lower than on the beach. Near hospitals and large shopping centers. Not expensive public transport allows you to drive around the island. But some retirees ride motorbikes. This is a normal phenomenon for Phuket - retire biker.

To be honest, I prefer to drive a car (it is more secure, there is air conditioning, protection from rain).

From communication with this couple, I realized that retirement life is not boring, it is exciting, this is a new stage of life, when you always have a Sunday.

How do you see your retirement?
Do you plan your retirement?
Did you calculate your desired retirement budget?
What are you doing to make this budget available to you?
Or rely on the state and children?

Hope that in time, everything will turn out by itself. Or do you plan to work until the deadline, while you can?

If you plan to spend your retirement near the sea, I will help you to find an apartment, where you can leave your children and grandchildren.

Life is retired by the sea. I help to find your home in Phuket, Thailand for a happy retirement..

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