Opportunities for cooperation

With whom do we cooperate?

We cooperate with both individuals and legal entities. No restrictions on age, place of residence, education or professional skills.

It is important for us that our partners understand the essence of our offer, understand to whom they can make these offers.

Of course, it's easier for those who are connected with real estate, finance, insurance and banking services and who work in the tourism industry. But if there is no such experience, but there is a desire to receive a decent additional income, then you just need to look for people who love Thailand and think about buying apartments there. It can be forums about travel, rest and relax, tourism.

You find such people and give us information about them.

How does cooperation begin?

We gladly accept new partners into our team, and the first step from you will be a short letter sent to our e-mail: asiagoldp@gmail.com.

In the letter, please indicate some information about you. Name, age, in which region you live, what you previously did, why you would like to cooperate with us..

In response to this letter, we send out a cooperation agreement.

When you receive the contract, please sign it and send us a scan or photo by e-mail. We, for our part, also print out the contract, put a seal and send a copy by e-mail.

What are the next steps?

We will provide you with all the necessary information on the apartments, the description of the objects, the price, the location on the island, a detailed description of all the costs that arise during the purchase, so that you understand how the procedure of buying an apartment in Phuket.

You study information, ask questions, for those moments that are not understandable, start looking for buyers (social networks, forums, personal contacts).

It is not important for a person who has been engaged in sales before that what to sell. But additional knowledge about Thailand, specifically Phuket will give you more opportunities for sale.

For whom can you offer apartments in Phuket?

First of all, those who already were in Thailand, knows him and loves.

For those who think about getting additional income from renting their apartment. The best offer can be an apartment abroad, in a country with a sustainable economy, in a safe country where a high tourist flow all year round is Thailand, and specifically Phuket, where the best beaches in the world.

Those who are looking for an opportunity to save and increase their money by investing in highly liquid real estate. Save money in a quiet harbor while sanctions are raging around.

To those who think about retirement. The rental income will allow you to retire when a person decides to do so, rather than the state.

You found a buyer, what next?

You send information about the buyer to us by e-mail, this buyer is registered for you.

We conduct further negotiations with the buyer, we select a more accurate version of the apartment, upon the arrival of the buyer for Phuket, we arrange for him to view all the facilities, help him to study the contract with the construction company, attracting lawyers for this.

After the successful signing of the purchase agreement and the first payment, the developer gives us a commission. We send your part of the commission through the Vester Union transfer system.

For the buyer, our services are absolutely free. Our work is paid by the developer.
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